Translated from the Japanese release of Final Fantasy IX by Kurohime.
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9/21/2011 - And then we get to Dagger's First Summon! Added the second run through Gargan Roo, Pinnacle Rocks, and the aftermath of Lindblum. Not to fond of the part coming up next... but that only refers to playing. Translating it might not be so painful...
9/13/2011 - Added several more sections: Cleyra, the Alexandrian Attack, The Rescue from the Castle, and one of my favorite Zidane scenes in the game ("I can't even shed a tear...")
9/7/2011 - Now here's something that I haven't touched in a long time, either. The FFIX Timeline. Holy CRAP, there's a lot of stuff going on!! I will be tweaking this to make it as easy to read as possible, but for now, since it was originally spreadsheet format, I'm doing it as a table.
9/1/2011 - Fixing up more formatting before moving on with Cleyra. Also re-wrote a few notes.

8/25/2011 - Re:coded he html to include CSS. Much easier on the bulk formatting edits.
8/24/2011 - I can't believe it's been FIVE WHOLE YEARS (to the day, wow) since I touched this project. I've had parts of Disc 3 and 4 translated for a while and finally decided to just link them and work around what I've got. Will be working on some key scenes (my particular favorites), in addition to picking up where we left off in Cleyra. I think the kids have been sitting there, wondering what the hell happened to the sand storm for long enough, huh? Made some minor translation edits that stuck out at me.

8/24/2007 - Again, it's been a little while since I've had time to work on any translations, but the remainder of Treno, Gargan Roo, and the beginning of the Cleyra Settlement are up. Just tentative scene descriptions, because I'm translating from the script directly and haven't been able to check with the game yet.

7/14/2007 - Whew, haven't had much time to work on this for the last few weeks. I've done a bit of it but haven't had time to actually type it out on the website. For now, there were a few corrections to Melodies of Life that I needed to make.

6/12/07 - Added some of optional dialogue and did minor edits to lines on section 1.1 (Alexandria Town).
6/7/07 - Did parts of Treno. Good gawd, Treno has a lot of variable ATEs...
6/5/07 - Yay, I finally finished with Disc 1!! Added the rest of Burmecia, a few extra scenes of dialogue into Gizamaluke's Grotto. Started with Disc 2.
6/01/07 - Did some minor edits here and there with some of the lines. Also decided to begin translating the honorifics (eg. "-sama," "-dono") and include the instances in notes rather than translation. It felt more natural that way. Also added some extra conversations ot Bohden Gate.

5/31/07 - Added translations for the rest of Bohden station and started on the Burmecian Kingdon. Added the additional North Gate Melda Arch scene to section 1.4 (Ice Cavern)
5/24/07 - Added translations for Gizamaluke's Grotto and the beginning of Bohden Station. Also re-organized several sections into smaller chunks.
5/22/07 - Added translation of Qu's Marsh and Chocobo's Forest. Also made some minor terminology edits here and there, including translating the names for Lindblum's gates as "Sky Dragon" and "Earth Dragon."
5/9/07 - Holy hell, ANOTHER update!! Finished up to the end of Lindblum Town. On to Gizamaluke's Grotto!!
5/7/07 - Added some scenes up until the beginning of the Festival of the Hunt, and also a edited a few lines here and there.
5/2/07 - Guh, so I actually was able to pick up a little on this today. Got through a few more events in Lindblum and up to the telescope scene. Horray for week-long holidays!!

12/7/06 - Playing through the game again so I can get the sequence of ATE's in Lindblum right... ^^ Translated a little more up until Linndblum Town.

11/04/06 - Guh, it's been a while since I got to work on this at all, but I got a few more scenes in Lindblum done.

10/05/06 - After a VERY busy few weeks, I finally get some time to work on this again. Reorganized the page to cut the current translation into sections.

9/10/2006 - Started on Lindblum Grand Castle.
9/8/2006 - Reorganized the pages to include index (by disc) and other sections.
9/07/06 - Added the rest of the Cargo Ship section.
9/04/06 - Started adding a dateline. Dates are all taken from the "World Timeline" in the Final Fantasy IX Ultimania, published by Square-Enix in 2002.

8/31/06 - Added the rest of Dali Village (plus a few ATEs) and the Cargo Ship.
8/27/06 - Added a translation for "Melodies of Life" and more of Dali Village.
8/26/06 - Finished Evil Forest and Ice Cavern, started adding Dali Village
8/23/06 - Added parts of Evil Forest.
8/18/06 - Added until the end of Alexandria Castle.
8/14/06 - Added DISC 1 - Introduction, Alexandria Town, and Alexandria Castle sections.